Saffron Earth and Gold Dust is the brainchild of one of india's leading designers Ipsita and Mushtaq Ali. After years of working for some of the most prominent names in the country, they decided it was time to give the local scene a complete makeover, and thus was born Saffron Earth and Gold Dust.

The duo works meticulously to execute each event and always are trying to come up with new and creative ways to make special moments even more memorable for their clients. Each product has been produced after great deal of brain storming and careful eye to detail to ensure that our clients receive only the very best.

Ipsita & Mushtaq has created a brand that is not only recognized in our country but internationally as well and throught their latest venture they are looking to revolutionize the way people look at the concept of event planning, by offering a wide range of designer linen, furniture and accessories which can not only help upcoming event planners but also home makers looking to give their house a little make over during special occasions.